Bio in English

Tiina Nopola. Photo Jukka Lehtinen.

© Jukka Lehtinen

Tiina Nopola is a children’s writer, playwright and screenwriter.

She has written Siri picture books (illustrated by Mervi Lindman), and with her sister Sinikka Nopola she has co-authored the Hayflower and Quiltshoe book series (illustrated by Markus Majaluoma and Salla Savolainen) and the Ricky Rapper book series (illustrated by Aino HavukainenSami Toivonen and Christel Rönns).

Tiina Nopola’s works have been translated into more than twenty languages. Feature films written by Tiina Nopola and Sinikka Nopola were the most popular films of the year in Finland in 2002 and 2008–2014.